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MLB Day 34 – Dodgers’ “SuperMan” Ethier Blasts Walkoff Grand Slam Over Brewers

May 7, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers’ $5.7 Million Dollar outfielder, Andre “SuperMan” Ethier, blasted his 10th HR of the year and walked off with another win over the Milwaukee Brewers 7-3.

“SuperMan” will need all he can possibly give for the Dodgers to win the World Series 2010′.

MLB Day 33 – Rays’ Find Greatness in Garza Over Mariners

May 6, 2010

Tampa Bay Rays, $3.3 Million Dollar phenom, Matt Garza, found his greatness with a dominating duel against CY Young winner Cliff Lee and the Seattle Mariners.

Garza, who received a $3 Million Dollar raise, is proving that more greatness cost more money.

MLB Day 32 – Phillies’ Ruiz Ruins Cardinals’ With Walkoff HR

May 6, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies $1.9 Million Dollar catcher, Carlos Ruiz, ruined the St. Louis Cardinals day with a 10th inning walkoff HR to win the “Game” 2-1.

Ruiz, who received a $1.5 Million Dollar raise, is earning every dime of it.

MLB Day 31 – Rockies’ Jimenez Throws 101MPH With 13Ks Over Padres

May 4, 2010

Colorado Rockies’ $1.25 Million Dollar pitcher, Ubaldo Jimenez, threw lightning again with a 101MPH fastball and 13Ks over the San Diego Padres 5-2.

Jimenez,  who became the first MLB pitcher to 6 Wins, would already be valued at $6 Million Dollars for performance.

MLB Day 30 – Cubs’ Soriano Sizzles 2HRs 4RBIs Over DBacks

May 3, 2010

Chicago Cubs’ $19 Million Dollar Man, outfielder Alfonso Soriano, sizzled 2HRs and 4RBIs to lead the slaughter of the Arizona Diamondbacks 10-5.

Soriano, who has been repeatedly questioned about his value to performance this year, made a clear statement that he still has some explosive fire in his belly.

MLB Day 29 – Tigers’ Damon Dominates Angels With 9th Inning Walkoff HR

May 2, 2010

Detroit Tigers’ $8 Million Dollar outfielder, Johnny Damon, blasted a ninth inning walkoff HR to silence the Los Angeles Angels 3-2.

Damon, who took a $5 Million Dollar paycut to fit into the Tigers’ budget, delivered as planned for the balance sheets.

Look for more Tiger greatness before this year is done.

MLB Day 28 – Amazing Mets’ Barajas Bashes 2HRs To Punish Phillies

May 1, 2010

New York Mets’ $500,000 – steal of a deal – catcher, Rod Barajas, bashed 2HRs to lead a 9-1 punishing of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Barajas, who took a $2 Million Dollar paycut to fit into the Mets’ budget, is playing up to his true value as the Amazing Mets have won 8 games in a row to lead the NL East.

MLB Day 27 – Blue Jays’ Buck Bashes 3HRs To Bury A’s

April 30, 2010

The Toronto Blue Jays’ $2 Million Dollar catcher, John Buck, finally exploded onto the 2010′ scene with 3HRs over the Oakland A’s 6-3.

Buck, who took a $900,000 pay cut to fit into the Blue Jays’ budget, released some serious pain onto the A’s all-day and could be headed for a big pay raise if he keeps swinging it.

MLB Day 26 – Pirates’ Doumit Dominates The Late Innings Again Over Brewers

April 29, 2010

Pittsburgh Pirates’ $3.6 Million Dollar catcher, Ryan Doumit, dominated the late innings with a “Game” tying 9th inning HR and a 13th inning block at the plate to win 6-5 over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Doumit, who received over a $1 Million raise from 09′, is one of the Pirates’ greatest investments of value for production.

MLB Day 25 – “Lightning” Liriano Fires 10Ks To Terminate Tigers

April 28, 2010

Minnesota Twins’ $1.6 Million Dollar starting pitcher, Francisco “Lightning” Liriano, outdueled Detroit Tigers’ $6.8 Million Dollar ace, Justin Verlander 2-0.

Liriano dazzled with 10Ks to continue his scoreless inning streak to 26.

A testiment to “money will not always buy wins” in the grueling MLB.